Labels by Industry

Food, Baking and Beverage

Future Labels understands that quality self adhesive label design and label printing in this sector is vitally important and this at a competitive price, allowing your products to have the aesthetic looks that sets you apart from the competition.

The most commonly used substrate in the food segment is semi-gloss paper as it is the most cost effective substrate. We believe that quality should not be compromised and therefore more frequently use UV inks when label printing. These types of labels often include eye-catching pictures and can vary from 1 colour to 8 colours. They can be perforated, desensitised in certain areas, laminated or varnished. The adhesive of choice is often hotmelt but could also be acrylic, hitack or deepfreeze depending on the conditions the product will be subjected to. We can even assist in providing you with an attractive functional label that will allow your customers to re-seal your products keeping them fresh.

When it comes to label design for your beverage generally business partners prefer to use plastics as the substrate of choice due to the products being refrigerated or frozen. These could include a metalized polypropylene material or Dairyfilm. A UV, gloss, matt or overprintable varnish is often chosen so as to give your product that ultimate finished look. Put us to the test should you wish to make a statement in the market. We are highly skilled and can ensure that your label design is in line with the government label legislations. Just another way we provide our business partners with a one-stop-label-solution-shop.