Labels by Industry


Finding the perfect low cost self-adhesive label that can withstand the chill of the competition is like discovering an ice cold glass of milk for the very first time. The seasons are changing so shake up your milk shake label, it is time for a change. A laminated semi-gloss deepfreeze label with a combination of exploding colours can embarrass even the toughest Italian in the freezer.

When it comes to label design and label printing for cheese, we understand the importance of a generic per variant because yellow is for Cheddar while red is for Gouda. We have the perfect size triangle for your Brie as well as the perfect diameter for your Camembert. Then wash it down with a freshly squeezed fruit juice with a label that bursts with colour.

If it feels right in a tub let our professional team butter you up. Our prices are so unbelievably good that it will leave a taste in your mouth much similar to that of a creamy chocolate ice cream on a scorching summer day. Request a sample, let’s start cutting costs and boosting your shelf appeal together today.